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Check your company invoices from Eversports

company billing

To view your company invoices for the software fees, click on your name in the top right corner and choose the menu Billing > Company invoices.

In this overview all company invoices are listed starting with the newest.

To open an invoice, click on button on the right of the invoice.

Information on company invoices

1) Invoice details

On the upper part of the company invoice you find all your company information, as entered in the Settings > Master Data , together with information regarding the invoice itself ( invoice number, your account number, invoicing period)

2) Invoice items

In the second part of the invoice, you see the billed items:

  • Transaction fees for online payments
    This is the total fee for online paid revenue within the billed period. The online payment fee depends on the gross price of the sold product.
    Example: Your fee is 2.9% + €0.45, a customer buys a block card online for €100. This equals a fee of €3.35 for the transaction (€100 * 2.9% + €0.45 = €3.35).
    The online payment fee is already withheld.

  • New customers from Eversports
    When a new customer finds your studio via Eversports for the first time, the Marketplace fee is applies. More info on this can be read here.
    The listed amount on your invoice is the sum of all customer commissions.

  • Monthly or yearly software fee
    This is the general fee for the booking system. This fee is charged either monthly or annually, as agreed on your contract.

  • Extra extensions (i.e. Zoom extension, GymPass extension)
    This fee is charged only if you have activated paid extensions via the menu Market.

IMPORTANT: For information regarding VAT and reverse charge, please check here.

How to pay your Eversports invoices?

  • automatic SEPA debit. If you have selected SEPA as your payment method when signing your contract, we will automatically withdraw the fee in the middle of the following month.

  • Bank transfer. Otherwise, you will always find our bank details on the invoice to transfer the amount manually.