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Online payments - all the advantages

Benefits of online payments

Nowadays more and more studios offer online payments as customers expect to be able to pay online at any time.
In German-speaking countries 81% of all Eversports partners offer online payments.


In this article we analyse the advantages of online payments for you and your customers.

1) More revenue through better customer service

Looking at online payments via the Eversports Manager, approximately 20% of all payments take place outside regular opening hours. Not offering online payments reduces drastically the purchase possibilities for customers.


Many payments take place in the late evening. If a customer wishes to buy a 10 block card at 11:00 pm, the best way to do so is by paying online right away. The next morning, that same customer may have change their mind.

It's important that as a studio, you can still offer onsite payment as an option at the studio. Your customers just have another option to pay for their products. Time and time again, there are studios that claim their customers don't want to pay online. These studios are then always surprised when it turns out that their customers find online payments much clearer and easier than expected.

Especially the young generation today expects to be able to buy products online anytime and from anywhere. This is also true for studios and their websites. The ability to pay online is now part of a good customer experience.

2) Less effort and no room for mistakes

If your customers buy their products online on their own, then your staff can focus on providing excellent onsite customer service. Onsite check-in is much faster as a result, and all online sales are paperless.

In case of cancellations of online paid sales, the money is automatically refunded to the customer by your Eversports Manager. Again, there is no manual effort for you or your staff.

When employees enter the wrong payment method on a sale, it costs them annoying time at the end of the day when closing the register. Often, sales are not registered in the system until after the class has started. In the process, employees may forget a purchased card, record it incorrectly, or assign it to the wrong customer. These opportunities for error are prevented with online payment. Everything that happens online does not have to be touched again.

No-shows are also significantly fewer when customers have already paid online in advance. This ensures a higher percentage of participants who actually show up for activities. Reminder management costs are reduced.

3) Less discussions with customers

It might happen that there are customers who claim that they were given the wrong advice by a member of staff when buying their cards, or that they didn't know that their 10-entry card had a time limit. When customers buy their cards online on their own, they can view all product details themselves and make the right decision. There are no longer unpleasant discussions. Your employees are not involved in the sales process and can then refer to the online sales.