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Online payments - all you need to know

Processing online payments and payouts

The aim of the online payment is to reduce your manual effort and offer an ideal service to your customers.

In this article we explain how online payments are processed and how you can check your online transactions yourself.

For the online payment we cooperate with a payment provider. Therefore, we can serve a really safe and high-qualitative service in this field.

1) How are online payments processed?

  • In order to use online payments, you first need to activate your wallet. Learn here how to do it.

  • You can now set your offer online for your customers to purchase online.

  • Both your customers and new customers can purchase your offers online by selecting one of the available payment methods in your country (i.e. creditcard, Paypal etc.)

  • Online paid products will be assigned automatically to the account of the customer. The invoice is created in your Eversports Manager and is sent to the customer email address.

  • Immediately after the payment the online paid amount is transferred to your Eversports wallet by our payment provider Stripe.

  • In the menu Billing you can view the wallet saldo and when the next payout is planned (once a week or one a month)

  • With the payout the wallet saldo is transferred to your bank account automatically

  • In case of cancellation, for example if you decide to refund the customer and cancel the invoice, the online paid amount is refunded automatically with no additional cost. The negative amount will be deducted from the following payout.

2) How to check your account balance

Transparency in the online payment process is highly important to us. For this reason, you find a detailed overview of all online payments at any time.

In order to check state of your payouts and online payments, go to the Billing on the top right corner of your screen.

In the menu Billing > Online payments & Payouts you can view your account balance and when the next payout will take place. You can set up your payout frequency as follows:

  • monthly frequency - the online paid invoices will be transferred to your bank account once a month.
    The standard payout comprehends a period of time from the 25th of the current month to the 24th of the next month.

  • weekly frequency - the online paid invoices will be transferred to your bank account once a week.
    TIP - We suggest to set the weekly payout on Mondays to avoid any delays.

The payouts have a processing time of 2 to a max. 10 working days depending on the payment provider Stripe and the banks.

Each month together with the payouts you will receive per email an overview report of the transferred amounts.

You can download this overview report any time, by clicking on the three dots next to the respective payout.

IMPORTANT - this overview report is NOT an official document and you should not use it for bookkeeping purposes.

All official financial reports can be found Finance .


3) Online transaction fees

Eversports works with an external payment provider for processing online transactions, payouts and refunds. For this reason, online transactions are charged with an online transaction fee as agreed on your Eversports contract.

You can find a full overview of all online transactions and respective transaction fees in the menu Billing > Transaction fees.

Online transaction fees are already automatically withheld with the weekly/monthly payouts.